Friday, October 28, 2016

Announcing our Artist of the Month, Wendy Birchmire

Announcing our november artist of the month, Mosaic artist and Needham resident, Wendy Birchmire

The Dedham Square Artists Guild at 553 High St, Dedham Square invite you to our exhibit of Wendy Birchmire's newest fun & quirky mosaic decor pieces, clocks, mirrors and frames with made with recycled computer components.
Her work will be on exhibit noon-6, Wed-Sat, and 11am -2pm Sundays for the entire month of November.

About the Artist

Creating art has always been part of Wendy’s life. Her mother was an artist, so from an early age, she enrolled her daughter in art classes. As a youngster, Wendy took courses in pottery, painting, drawing, enameling, and welding found objects. At a very young age, she designed children’s fabric patterns for a well-known material manufacturer. Lately she has tried her hand at mosaics, stained glass, blown glass, fused glass, and lamp-working.

Wendy was educated in the public schools of Westport, Connecticut. From there she went to Boston University, where she studied Sociology and had a minor in Art History. Following her graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, Wendy returned to BU to secure a Master’s degree in Secondary School Counseling. After working as a Guidance Counselor in the Hanover, MA school system for over 30 years, she retired. Once again she had time to be creative and life was good!

People might say that Wendy is computer addicted. She spends a lot of time searching around the net for articles on various topics that interest her. She also finds computer hardware to be artistic. She locates old computers and computer components and disassembles them. Wendy sees this task as being similar to a challenging puzzle. Finding the tiny screws or other fasteners that release the mechanisms is tricky and time consuming, but it fascinates her. Sometimes she goes to the MIT Flea and purchases electronic parts that are nonfunctional, but attractive to the eye. From there she upcycles them into clocks, mirrors or other unique designs.

When Wendy is not upcycling computer parts, she create mostly mosaic clocks and mirrors using tile, millefiori, jewels, or whatever she thinks will enhance a piece.

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