Friday, February 24, 2017

Join us March 2nd 6-730pm at the Dedham Community Theatre

By Rali Weaver


Opening Reception Thursday March 2nd 6pm to 7:30pm 
Dedham Community Theatre, 580 High Street, Dedham Square

A PLAY is theatre and drama. Children PLAY when they pretend. We all cheer for 

those who PLAY sports. Artists PLAY with color and line to create compositions that 

PLAY with your eye.

This show is being produced in conjunction with the Parish Players’ newest production, 

Once Upon a Mattress

The Parish Players is an amateur theater group consisting mostly of First Church members and 

friends. It started over ten years ago when one of the R.E. teachers, a drama teacher by 

profession, led her class in a production of “Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.” Many parents 

supported the production and found that they enjoyed working with one another and the kids in 

such a group effort. Two of those parents wanted to see this intergenerational fun continue so 

they created the Parish Players as an adjunct R.E. program.

Though the program started with a fairly simple play, we soon moved on to staging more complex 

shows, mostly musicals with a family theme and an intergenerational cast. Though we have been 

blessed with talented singers and actors over the years, the only thing ever required to audition is 

enthusiasm. There is a part for everyone, no matter what the show.

Visit for more information about their production

On March 2nd, 2017, at the Lower Level Gallery of the Dedham Community Theatre, located 

at 580 High Street, Dedham Square Artist Guild members and outside artists will showcase 

their PLAY! inspired artworks

By Matt McKee

Now in its 3rd year, Artist Challenges invites artists living in Massachusetts to create work based 

on a theme. This work can be 2D or 3D, in any medium. Artists submit up to two (2) pieces for 

consideration in the show. The Guild is always interested in helping to foster young artists, and 

recently opened Artists Challenges to Dedham High School students, who may participate in 

shows at no charge

By Susan Brady

Participating artists for PLAY include: 

Sandrine Colson, Sue Hoy, Fred Smith, Mark Dooley, Rali Weaver, Kerry Hawkins, 

Gretje Ferguson, Gary Koppel, Kathy Zola, Wendy Birchmire, Susan Brady, Michael Manning, 

Cara Crisafulli, and Matt McKee

This exhibit will run from: March 2 to April 30

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