Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Does Water mean to you?

Dedhamm Square Artist Guild

Join us for the opening reception
 for this art show
Sponsored by the Dedham Square Artist Guild
Opening Reception: Thursday May 4th, 6-7:30PM 
@Dedham Community Theatre

Participating Artists:
Gretje Ferguson, Dennis Stein, Kerry Hawkins, Kevin Becker, Fred Smith, Mark Dooley, 
Gary Koeppel, Wendy Birchmire, Mona Podurski, Cindy Mootz, Pat Voyajopoulos, 
Lauren A Giardina, James Walker, Vanessa Tedesco, and Charles King

580 High Street, Dedham, MA •

Friday, April 21, 2017

Create Night! April 28th

Calling all creatives

Join us next Friday Night, April 28th, 8-10pm and join artists 
Marietta Apollonio and Cat Ciccolo Tucker for a FREE creative night

Draw, Knit, Write, Bring your own dry medium of choice

This month's theme is STYLE

Friday, April 14, 2017

New little place to read

The Dedham Square Artist Guild Member, Cindy Mootz is painting this little Library. It is slated to be put up near Terri's Market in the Manor Neighborhood in Dedham. 

Cindy is a longtime resident of Dedham and a member of the Dedham Square Artist Guild

Read about Cindy Mootz here

The Program was started in June 2013

Dedham Library Innovation Team & Dedham High School in association with the Dedham Square Artist Guild are excited to be the stewards of the Dedham Little Free Libraries Project!

The mission of the Little Free Library Movement is to:

• Promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.

• Foster a sense of community and connection as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.

The initiative was founded by Todd Bol who designed the first “little library” on a post as a tribute to his mother, who was a book lover and school teacher. The original goal was the creation of 2,150 Little Libraries, which would surpass the number of libraries founded by Andrew Carnegie. As of June 2016, there are over 40,000 registered Little Free Library book exchanges in all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries around the world.

Dedham's initiative was spearheaded by Emily Gibbons and Paul Reynolds.

A full list of locations listed here

Libraries are painted by local Artists Marietta Apollonio, Susan Hoy, Rev. Rali Weaver, Lisa Houck, Luke BarryAuthor/Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, Dedham High School, Class of 2016 alum Leah Badessa, Hannah Romanish, and Rachel Strykowski, and Clarissa Robyn

See their Facebook page for more information on the project

Monday, April 10, 2017

Join us this Thursday Night at The Dedham Guild

April Artists of the month show is a Member's Choice event. Members pick one of their favorite pieces in the Dedham Guild, and write up why they like it.

Artworks will be up all for the Month of April

Join us at the Dedham Square Artist Guild for the artist-of-the-month reception Thursday April 13th 6-8pm

Artist Favorites

Kevin Becker on Rali Weaver’s dolls:

I love Rali’s Dolls because they are the perfect respite from our high tech world for the 21st Century child. Blending important themes for our times e.g. Diversity, Recycle/Reduce/Reuse, Locally made...she has created childhood keepsakes that will be treasured for decades to come. 

Jane Wojik on Sue Hoy’s painting:

Sue Hoy’s use of broad brush strokes and vibrant colors bring a playfulness to her work. Her animals come to life and this painting makes me feel the joy that chickens bring to my friends who raise them.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Happenings at the Shop

Happy Spring from the Dedham Square Artist Guild! There is still snow on the ground but Spring days are on their way ... Come see what's new at the guild! Thank you for your continuous support!


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SEE THE SHOW at the Dedham Community Theatre!!

A PLAY is theater and drama. Children at PLAY when they pretend. We all cheer for those who PLAY sports. Artists PLAY with color and line to create compositions that PLAY with your eye. Come PLAY with us as we celebrate the Parish Players upcoming production of "Once Upon a Mattress".

Participating Artists:
Sandrine Colson, Sue Hoy, Fred Smith, Mark Dooley, Rali Weaver, Kerry Hawkins, Gretje Ferguson, Gary Koppel, Kathy Zola, Wendy Birchmire, Susan Brady, Michael Manning, Cara Crisafulli, and Matt McKee.

This show will be hosted in the lower gallery at the Dedham Community Theatre!
580 High Street, Dedham, MA


This piece by Cindy fascinates me. The unexpected yellows, blues and reds give a whole new meaning to a rainy day. And who are these anonymous people? Where are they going? Mysterious. 

-Gretje Ferguson

DSAG Artists of the Month

Announcing our artist of the Month show for April - Member's Choice

Members pick one of their favorite pieces in the Dedham Guild

Join us at the Dedham Square Artist Guild for the artist-of-the-month reception

April, 13th 6-8pm @ Dedham Square Artist Guild
553 High street, Dedham Square




A SPECIAL EXHIBITION at the Dedham Community Theatre!!

Water is transparent and therefore takes on the colors around it: the blue of the sky, a reflection of a mountain, or the darkness of an approaching storm. We swim in the water or gaze at it from a sandy beach. There is an underwater world and a vastness that comes from sailing on it. What does Water mean to you?


Opening Reception: Thursday May 4th, from 6-7:30PM at the 

Dedham Community Theatre

Non-refundable cost for entry is $25. 

High School art students may also enter at no charge, but must also email with intent to show as well as jpgs of work per Prospectus.

This show will be hosted in the lower gallery at the Dedham Community Theatre!
580 High Street, Dedham, MA