Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When we travel, Iceland

Dedham Guild Member, Alice Donaldson, recently traveled to Iceland and on a photographic adventure

For an Artist, Iceland is a goldmine. Whether you are photographing, painting, drawing, pottery, 
glass blowing, jewelry, woolen materials to express yourself with. the diversity of this country. 
It is a geological wonder of two Continental Plates, North America and Europe, separating. 

Jules Verne wrote his 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' novel, influenced by the Volcano Snaefellsjokull in West Iceland.

The snowcapped black mountains, blue Lagoons, the western Fjords are awe inspiring. and you will have to stop counting the breathtaking 80 foot waterfalls. The Black beaches of the south coast, glaciers galore, and let's not forget the Puffins, to which half the worlds population are found in Iceland.

Ice Caves and mountain streams so clear you can see every pebble below you. One of Icelands most powerful assets is the Aurora Borealis, seen from October thru March.

Known as the most 'Peaceful Country on Earth' its people prove this statement.

-Alice Donaldson

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